Seasonal Flowers

Colorful flowers making this landscape bed look amazing.

Annual Flower Designs

Say ‘Hello!’ in style by greeting all of your visitors with a vibrant arrangement of annuals flowers in your garden beds.

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Seasonal Color

Spring annuals and fall annuals are great ways to really spruce up your permanent landscape plants and features.

Remember, the difference between annuals and perennials is that annuals only last for 1 season, typically the spring into summer or fall into winter.  Perennials come back year after year.

Color annual flower additions making this landscape bed warm and inviting with fall setting in.

Spring Annuals

Spring annuals really make a landscape pop!  Since the plants are only intended to last a short period we can even get away with plants best suited for tropical environments.

Spring annual flowers making this landscape bed pop!

Fall Annuals

There are a lot of holidays bunched together as fall transitions into winter.  Make a great first impression as friends and family come by to visit with a professionally designed fall annual flower arrangement.

Seasonal flowers installed by ECM Landscaping and Lawn Care at the entrance of a customer's home.
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Flats Of Annuals

We price and install our annual color installs by the flat.  A typical flower bed will take 2-5 flats.

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Commercial and Residential

Seasonal color should not be reserved for HOA’s!  Make your home or business stand out from the crowd with some colorful annual flowers.

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Professional Design

The real key to a successful annual flower design is nailing the spacing accounting for the full grown size of each flower type used. 

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Soil Conditioning

Our ‘secret’ is conditioning the soil!  If you ever wondered why your flowers don’t seem to be performing as they should, it is more than likely an issue with your soil.

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Just Water

That’s right.  When you hire ECM Landscaping and Lawn Care to install your annuals, all you have to do is keep them watered!

Can we brighten up your landscape beds?

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Seasonal flower installations are one of our most popular services even though we only perform this service for a couple weeks out of each year in the spring and in the fall.

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